Thursday, April 10, 2008

Unemployed, I think

Well, I am pretty sure today was my last day of steady work :(

I knew it was coming and I got an additional 2 weeks out of it, but the money has been SO NICE. I am glad that my step-mother-in-law is officially retired now, though. She hates office work as much as I do. She will be able to devote more time to the things she loves, like her dog rescue organization.

I am so afraid of being in the same financial position we were in before the first of the year when I started this gig.

Being this pregnant with severe SPD means that my options for bringing in any additional income at this point are very very limited. I would really love to be in a physical condition to do green cleaning and organizing again, but until after this bebe is born it's just not an option at all.

Also, volunteering my time at many of the things I would like to is limited, too. With physical limitations right now, as well as financial considerations due to the price of gas alone means that unless I am bringing in some cash it doesn't make sense for me to have the car on most days.

Argh. Hopefully this means I'll get a lot done around the house. I think nesting is kicking in for me, so this is good!

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