Sunday, April 6, 2008

Picasa (aka Google is my Master now)

I wanted to share a few new pictures. And you can see more here.

This is my sweet beardie girl, Sabaku, enjoying her salad.

Here is Max, getting ready for his first belt test. We finally convinced him to put up his hair because it probably wasn't the best thing to have to push his hair back from his face while doing his forms in the test.

Here he is not long after his test. He wasn't going to find out for sure if he passed or not until today (he did, since he didn't receive a call otherwise). The first thing he did when he came to us after his test was take down his hair and hand me the hair tie.

Ok, so I've run up against the 200 picture limit in my free Flickr account. I would love to give them money to give me more room, but I just cannot justify it right now, and really, my husband would certainly be the one to get a paid account first. He uses it a ton for his art and such.
Well, someone's got a birthday in a couple of months, so that might work...

Anyway, as I get totally off track again. I use Picasa already, which is Google's photo application. It make uploading photos and such very easy, and it's great for minor photo editing.
Google does have a web album thing, and I just uploaded to it, because doing so from Picasa on my computer is stupid easy and I don't have to search at all, etc. It is wonderful. I wish I could upload to Flickr with that sort of ease, though...

I guess I can only hope for the next giant buyout from Google to go to Flickr. Ha... Who owns Flickr anyway? Isn't it Yahoo? I think it may be. I don't care enough right now to find out.

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