Monday, April 21, 2008

Toes, hammie, and more!

Now for a fluffy post of random fun in the last few days.

Saturday evening we went up to a local place for some live music, some boiled crawfish, and good friends and even firespinners (which enthralled the kids for a good long while)

Miles was really more interested in playing with his crawfish than eating it, but he did eat some.

We also added to our little family by a few ounces a few days ago. This is Lucy Samurai Crimefighter Kachu. She is an adorable dwarf hamster, and actually very friendly and curious. She is painfully adorable. And so wee tiny!

And my best friend treated me to a pedicure and manicure today! I am not sure that I have ever done my nails pink. Ever. I have always done black, red, so dark it's almost black red, purple, etc. Never pink. at least not since I was a preteen, but I don't remember ever. I've never been one to have my nails done on a regular basis.
It's so girly and fun! I like it!
And you know, I have wanted to get a pedicure for years and years, but I honestly think that may have been the first one I've had...
Now I just REALLY need to go get my eyebrows done... Yikes.

And now, possibly more than you ever wanted to know about me!
I even shaved my legs. It had been very near a year if not over. And I made the mistake of my underarms, too. I try this on occasion, and today I tried the baking soda thing, then my new tea tree oil deodorant, hoping this would help part of my reasons for disliking shaving.
Yeah, no. It's awful. I sweat way more and smell almost immediately with my armpits shaved.
It's gross, then it gets ITCHY when it starts to grow back, etc. I like them shaved theoretically, but in actual practice it always sucks and I always regret it. I will try to keep it up for a few weeks this time, though, and see if it gets any better, mostly for science.
Just really can't figure out why I get so much more BO with shaved pits, so I intend to experiment.
Science, it's a wonderful thing.

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