Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

Oh what a beautiful day! Using this day to clean, organize and practice frugality.

Today is another gorgeous day. I didn't take Chris in to work, though, trying to be good about gas. So, home it is, a day of more cleaning, I suppose. Not having the car also keeps me more on task. And not only does it save gas, it decreases the possibility of my spending money on food, coffee, stuff of any sort that I would happen to come across while being out and about.

I am getting better at becoming thrifty, though we did eat out with friends last night ($14), then went out for bubble tea ($9), yikes. No big deal, but that we'd done precisely the same thing 2 nights before, well, it adds up.
I was going to talk a little about the whole couponing thing, but I think I will leave that for it's own post.

I'll quit procrastinating and go get started on what I need to be doing. Soon.

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