Monday, April 7, 2008


So, I called my best friend today and told her I felt like thrifting when I left work, so I went over there, then off we went to Value Village.

Well, guess what was in their daily 50% list today? BABY CLOTHES! Check out what I scored for $12:

1 hooded towel, 1 nightgown, 2 sleep sacks, 6 onesies, 7 footed pajamas, 1 sweater, 1 dress

I was pleased! This was me being very picky about what I decided to buy and putting anything back with the slightest staining or discoloration, or if I just didn't love it. So yeah, it was a successful shopping trip. I also got one nightgown and two t-shirts for me, and a t-shirt for each of the boys.
AND my best friend, who is hilarious with this whole baby business, bought about as much baby clothes for the baby as I did. I told her to hold onto to it and give it as a gift later :)
About my best friend and this baby thing: This is my afraid of children as a general rule, will NEVER have any children of her own cause she just doesn't want any, hopes that her in the hospital ovary badness last week means she is sterile provided it's not cancer and won't have to have her tubes tied best friend...
She was talking about taking Maddie out for pretty pretty princess dress shopping (or getting in the mud with her, depending on Maddie's personality). She amuses me with her baby excitement.

I will need to edit the registry and take off any onesies and such, as these types of things are no longer needed at all. I already had a bunch of clothes being amassed, now adding this to the mix means that I will NEVER run out of clean ones. Yay Thrifting!

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