Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Nice Saturday

After my initial annoyance at the husband for changing my alarm and me missing out on the garage sale I'd looked forward to all week, I have had a pleasant day.

Chris' dad came over this morning and we went to have lunch at my favorite Indian restaurant, then to Fry's. I got Max the next 2 Naruto manga for him to read, volumes 5 & 6, and the most adorable stuffed squirrel for the baby. Chris also got a new laser pointer for the kitties, and Chris' dad got me a new wireless card for my laptop. YAY! Working wireless. It's a gorgeous day to be outside with the computer for a little while.

ALSO, good news, Chris' dad said that I will still be able to work next week, as PJ is still trying to finish her project. So that's awesome.

We're going to hang out with people later, I think, but right now I just want to be home and lazy for a bit.

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