Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stuff, literally this time

So, this evening the husband and I tackled some much neglected house work, and we purged books. I am having a very unpleasant allergy reaction to the dust as we speak.

One of our bookshelves is almost completely empty, except for the bottom shelf where we keep comics and graphic novels. I moved everything else over to the other bookshelf, all fiction and a large part of the non-fiction. I am hoping to be able to empty the bookshelf in the dining area and move that bookshelf out of there. We can't sit around the table with it in there, so we cram into two sides when we all have dinner.

I am once again contemplating getting rid of the ginormous "entertainment center". I would love to get something smaller for the tv, something with DOORS. We don't watch tv, it's only used for occasional video games and dvds. I hate having a tv as a focal point of any room.

I have several small appliances I listed last week on Freecycle, which were snatched up in moments after the post. Me & the woman that got them have had a hard time matching up schedules for her to pick up, but that has opened up much needed cabinet space in the woefully small (for me and my foodie habits) kitchen.

I still need to purge the kids' books. They are excited at the prospect of getting a new book each at half-price books and making more room on their bookshelf.

One of my favorite parts of living in a smaller space is that "stuff" doesn't get stashed for very long without it making me kinda nuts (I hate clutter) and purging on a regular basis. Having that huge garage and absurd amounts of kitchen cabinet space made keeping things too easy, even though I would purge regularly there, too.
And to give credit where credit is due my husband has become totally ok with my purging and is good about it himself. As opposed to several years back. When I moved in with him, there were 3!! coffee carafes for coffee pots that no longer existed. They didn't even know necessarily where they had come from. But it took a good year to be able to get rid of them, I had to take to purging when Chris and our housemate weren't there.

I think I'm going to take the plunge and get rid of a lot of crafting stuff I have, too. I like the idea of crafting, but in reality it doesn't happen for me. Ever. I will keep my yarn for crochet amigurumi, and my temari things, but I think I am going to freecycle everything else. It takes up a significant amount of our closet space, and I do want to get a small freezer for in there.

I also want to find a small utility shelving unit for the front hall closet to use as additional pantry space. I like buying in bulk, really want to join a buying coop, and just cannot deal with the limited pantry space that shoots things out at my head most of the time.

So, while I am stockpiling baby stuff like it's the Prenatal Apocalypse, I am removing at least 3 times the amount of other things in our home.

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