Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I have been sick for a week now, and I say this is getting old.
First I had whatever hellish chest plague the husband had, then I got a cold. I hate colds. And they hate me. I especially hate colds when I have already been having sinus issues from hell that go along with the beauty of pregnancy.

Sometimes when I breathe, it's like my chest is experimenting with Tuvan throat singing.

I should be feeling all glowy and lovely and goddess like, dammit. (I know, I know, but still!)


I have decided that one of the breeds of chicken I would like to raise for eggs would be the Araucanas.
"Bok?" you ask.

Well, then, let me tell you!

First of all, they have something called the "Peduncle". Now, how can I not love a breed that had a peduncle from whence ear tufts blossom?
Of course, genetically, you may not always have tufts and other traits specific to the breed, but the eggs will always be blueish or greenish, which I think is neat.

A really great site I found on this breed is here:
Araucanas Online
I love the photos on this site of this breed. There is also a wealth of information about the breed in general.

And speaking of chickens:
Backyard Chickens is one of my favorite places online to lurk around and learn more about keeping chickens and which breeds have the best personalities, etc. I particularly enjoy the forums on that site, where I lurk and read all about adventures with chickens and wait longingly for the day that I will have chickens of my own once more... Sigh.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Congee + Crunchies = Crazy Delicious!

Oh, I am so full.

I love that stuff so much.

Now the husband just made coffee, and he bought a White Chocolate Macademia creamer...

We rented the first season disc of the series Weeds, which I am looking forward to watching. It's funny, because while I do want to watch it, I have put it off for a couple of days now because I don't want to be disappointed. Isn't that silly? Well, I will suck it up and go watch it. The husband's been patiently waiting (he has the internet to keep him entertained)

Will go explode with foodie goodness now.

Congee for the Soul

When I find myself eating veggie corndogs and tater tots of my own accord because it's the only thing I can manage, I know things are bad.

I have been sick since Thursday, and it is now Sunday. This is not cool! I have to work tomorrow, as well as get my car registration renewed, things I am not looking forward to!

I have been sleeping copious amounts, drinking absurd amounts of fluids (not so fun when you are already pregnant and having to pee a ton anyway!), and ingesting tons of vitamin C and other good for you items. I still have the funk, and now it is residing in my chest. blech.

Tonight I really want Congee, so my plan is to feel well enough in a few hours to at least boil the damn chicken. My husband can be instructed on the rest when he gets home from work, but I know he won't be able to debone the chicken... (a story for another time)

My Version of Congee:
One whole chicken
tons of garlic cloves (6?)
tons of fresh ginger (1.5"?)

Boil chicken in water to cover with large chunks of ginger and slices of garlic.
When chicken is done, remove from broth and set chicken aside to cool.
You can strain the broth if you feel the need, but I don't.

Simmer broth and add a bit of light soy sauce, a little rice vinegar, a few dashes of sesame oil.
Add a cup to a cup and a half of long grain rice or jasmine rice. Simmer until the rice is cooked and starts to split.
When chicken has cooled, shred meat and add back to soup, discard skin and bones.
Add more soy sauce (I usually add dark soy sauce at the end), rice vinegar, sesame oil, etc, to taste.

Take a few more inches of fresh ginger root, another 6? or more cloves of garlic, a bunch of green onions. Chop these all up to fairly small peices. Coat in corn starch and kosher salt, fry in a small amount of canola oil until browned and crispy. Drain.
Serve soup with a handful of this in each bowl with a a small amount of chopped cilantro.
Serve soup with Rooster sauce (Sriracha).

The rice thickens up the soup, so you can end up with a more porridge like consistency. I love this stuff. I usually make mine a little thinner than a porridge, but you can add more rice to make it thicker.

Here is the Wiki on Congee.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I am not a huge movie person. In general they disappoint me and are generally not a good use of my time.
While I do have movies that I like, and some people may not necessarily agree with me on their fabulousness, that is ok, because I still get to like them. The same as you still get to like your movies that I do not understand.

Movies that other people really liked but I didn't:
Cider House Rules - One of the many reasons I generally DO NOT watch movies based on books I love. WHY did this win so many awards?!? It was crap!
Memoirs of a Geisha - See reason above. Not crap, beautiful cinematography, I didn't hate it, but the book was so well written and such a beautiful story to be caught up in, this one was meh.
The LOTR Movies - They were ok once to sit through, but I am done. And the last 20 minutes of the last one was the most absurd thing! I almost left! Hobbits in slow motion tickling each other while jumping on a bed and looking like they are drooling? WTF?!
The Piano - I HATE THIS MOVIE!!! With a FIERY PASSION! It is NOT romantic, it is disturbing and icky!
Blade Runner - Again with the book thing, though it was a short story. I just seem to not like Phillip K. Dick stories as movies. I feel very similarly about
A Scanner Darkly
, although that actually stayed very close to the book. I just really didn't like it at all... Except Woody Harrelson and Robert Downey, Jr., they were fabulous. But I just didn't like the translation to the screen, though I doubt a better job could have been done.
Sin City - There, I said it. Great translation to the screen from what it was, but I just didn't like it, at least not enough to sit through it again unless I had to.

I could at this point talk about movies I actually like, or more movies I do not, but I will leave this for now.

Ok, no, I won't. I just started thinking about actors I just simply don't like. Every once in a while I will watch something with these actors if it is supposed to be fanfuckintastic, or my husband talks me into it, but for the most part, I avoid their movies. I hate seeing their faces. Irrational? Yes. Do I care? Hell no!

Hugh Grant - Not adorable, as so many seem to think. Smarmy and cocky and looks like he could use a good pimp slap.
Sandra Bullock - Hate, Hate, Hate. I find her bothersome. A lot.
Winona Ryder - She cannot speak without WHINING. UGH!!!!

I know there are more movies and faces I don't like, as well many that I actually do (No, really!)

But I will leave you with this for now:
Voted the worst movies on the IMDb site.

An Experiment in Blogging

This is not my first foray into the Blogosphere, but maybe I'll manage to stick with it this time?

I admire so many bloggers out there. There are those that make me think, make me laugh, inspire me.

I don't have high expectations for my own blogging, I just decided to try it out, make one last ditch effort of sticking with something (heh).

For this blog, I plan to post many varied things: thoughts, rants, recipes, shiny things, anything else that I can think of to actually put down in words.