Saturday, January 26, 2008


I am not a huge movie person. In general they disappoint me and are generally not a good use of my time.
While I do have movies that I like, and some people may not necessarily agree with me on their fabulousness, that is ok, because I still get to like them. The same as you still get to like your movies that I do not understand.

Movies that other people really liked but I didn't:
Cider House Rules - One of the many reasons I generally DO NOT watch movies based on books I love. WHY did this win so many awards?!? It was crap!
Memoirs of a Geisha - See reason above. Not crap, beautiful cinematography, I didn't hate it, but the book was so well written and such a beautiful story to be caught up in, this one was meh.
The LOTR Movies - They were ok once to sit through, but I am done. And the last 20 minutes of the last one was the most absurd thing! I almost left! Hobbits in slow motion tickling each other while jumping on a bed and looking like they are drooling? WTF?!
The Piano - I HATE THIS MOVIE!!! With a FIERY PASSION! It is NOT romantic, it is disturbing and icky!
Blade Runner - Again with the book thing, though it was a short story. I just seem to not like Phillip K. Dick stories as movies. I feel very similarly about
A Scanner Darkly
, although that actually stayed very close to the book. I just really didn't like it at all... Except Woody Harrelson and Robert Downey, Jr., they were fabulous. But I just didn't like the translation to the screen, though I doubt a better job could have been done.
Sin City - There, I said it. Great translation to the screen from what it was, but I just didn't like it, at least not enough to sit through it again unless I had to.

I could at this point talk about movies I actually like, or more movies I do not, but I will leave this for now.

Ok, no, I won't. I just started thinking about actors I just simply don't like. Every once in a while I will watch something with these actors if it is supposed to be fanfuckintastic, or my husband talks me into it, but for the most part, I avoid their movies. I hate seeing their faces. Irrational? Yes. Do I care? Hell no!

Hugh Grant - Not adorable, as so many seem to think. Smarmy and cocky and looks like he could use a good pimp slap.
Sandra Bullock - Hate, Hate, Hate. I find her bothersome. A lot.
Winona Ryder - She cannot speak without WHINING. UGH!!!!

I know there are more movies and faces I don't like, as well many that I actually do (No, really!)

But I will leave you with this for now:
Voted the worst movies on the IMDb site.

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