Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So Many Great Blog Posts

Since Earth Day is coming up and I have so many fantastic blogs that I read, I'm going to stick with sharing posts today that are about the environment, frugality, consumption, the 3 r's and practical advice for living your life and lowering your carbon footprint.

Are you familiar with greenwashing? Jennifer over at Tree Hugging Family has a post pointing people in the direction of a great list of Sins of Greenwashing, a good guide to make sure you aren't falling for that type of dishonest advertising.

Cathy over at Chief Family Officer has a post about The 29 Day Giving Challenge. I like that it's an honest question about whether giving makes you feel good. I don't believe in altruism in general, personally. Since I am purging my own things, this is a great idea.

Peggy at Tree Hugging Family has a post about washing your laundry in cold water. I wash everything I have in cold except for an occasional load of just whites, maybe once or twice a month, and except for kids clothes, jeans, socks and towels, everything else is hung to dry. I think it extends the life of your clothes as well as saves tons of energy!

There is an April Tiny Challenge happening over at Tiny Choices. This is the first check in and many of the participants have some great tiny ideas of how to make changes that are easy to implement but make an impact over time.

Here's another great one from Jennifer at Tree Hugging Family: Five ways to conserve water in less than one minute.

So Canada has been the first to take the step to call BPA "dangerous". I've read this all over the place at this point, but I read it at Treehugger first. Go Canada! And I already felt strongly about this after reading some of the information out there, and this is why I am insisting on BPA free bottles and toys for the baby.

MerchantShips at Frugal Hacks has a good post about the tendency to end up spending more on things that we don't necessarily need because it's such a good deal, or bypassing large purchases but spending an equal amount on a lot of little things. This was an issue for me in the past, but I don't do this very often any more. I am in awe of CVS-ing, but truthfully I don't plan to even put the effort out to start, how often to I actually buy that stuff each year? Except for tp not that often!

Heather over at Freebies 4 Mom posted about a printable $5 Coupon for a Brita pitcher! A lot of talk lately has been about plastic water bottles. Besides the icky plastic that leeches who knows what (remember the BPA thing?), used plastic bottles contributes so much to landfills every year! I don't drink bottled at home, though I do admit to keeping some in the car for the kids and myself while we are out. I'm so weirded out by the reusable SIGG bottles and I don't know what that's about. Should make the switch. But we drink a LOT of water.

kat at Eating Liberally has a fantastic post all about one of my favorite things, and I really encourage a full read.

THIS is how schools should ALL be looking at things
. From Treehugger.

And just one more: How simple steps can put $678k in your pocket. Again, from Treehugger.

There are so many great blogs out there and this is just the bare few that I am sharing right now.

I have tons of other posts I want to share soon, mostly tasty recipes. I want to at least try one of them before I do so I can post results :)

Hope you enjoy this list of linky goodness. And turn out the lights!


Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for the Tree Hugging Family link love :)

Rachel said...

Oh hey! You're the same Jennifer that does Offbeat Homes! I read that one, too. I almost added the Mayne Island cob house to this post, but decided not to. I'll do another post at some point about green building and materials, etc. And wow, Oshatz is amazing, those are the coolest houses ever!

Jennifer said...

Ha, too funny. Yup that's me. I write around 10-12 blogs so I'm sort of spread all over. Truthfully, Offbeat is my baby though. I LOVE that blog. It's a blog I'd read if I didn't write it - always a good sign.

Heather at Freebies 4 Mom said...

Thanks for the link! What a great roundup you posted!