Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thrifty Finds

I am quite pleased with my thrifting today. I only got myself a couple of tanks and a sports bra, one t-shirt for Max, and a couple of baby things, mostly a few little hats. That stuff was $11. But then!!

I have wanted a decent full sized couch for a loooong time. We have one oversized chair and a love seat. The love seat is green and brown and doesn't really match anything at all. We got it a few years back at a garage sale, and it's worked since. It's not hideous, but just doesn't go and is smallish. So today at the thrift store there was a full sized couch in a nice neutral tan that very nearly will match the chair. It has a little wear, but you know, that's ok with me. The cat is not all that great about not scratching the furniture as it is. It was $40. That's right, $40! We're going to get Chris' dad's truck tonight then go get it in the morning. I'm not sure how we'll get it in the house, since I can't lift anything, but I'm sure we'll manage somehow.

I need to post the loveseat tonight on Freecycle, and make room for the new to me couch. And it's pretty darn comfy, too. For all the nights I fall asleep on the love seat having a full size couch will be AWESOME! I'll post a picture when it gets home.


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pianomomsicle said...

Good for you! i need a couch, too. It's actually on my list of garage sale musts for this year:)
You got a lot of stuff for a good price. Way to go!