Monday, June 16, 2008

Where does the time go?

34 weeks & 2 days. Only 40 days to go, my counter says. Wow. All of a sudden this last bit is flying by!

Things to do:
  • Clean the house - It's a never-ending thing! It's never perfect, which is what I want. And I achieved perfect while nesting with #2, seriously. I went all Fly Lady on that shit and I shined my sink 3x's a day the last week or so cause there wasn't anything else left I could possibly do. I had even painted the rooms in the house! Hurting and miserable this time doesn't allow for that.
  • Make food for the freezer - lasagna, whatever else? Casseroles of various types. I REALLY WISH we could afford a small chest freezer. ARGH!
  • Laundry- been pretty good about keeping up, but never have enough quarters on hand! Have many loads to do right now, all sorted already, but no quarters. Frustrating!
  • The Back Bathroom of DOOM - We've pretty much abandoned it to the cats. We haven't even used the shower in there for months, we use the front bathroom. The litter box is HUGE, and takes up so much space. I hate walking around it to the bathtub/toilet part of the bathroom, so only the front part gets used at all. I will definitely want the shower and all available for labor and afterwards. Don't know where else we could put the litter box, though, and with only one box for 2 cats we can't really go smaller. Here is the monstrosity we have for them.
  • Clean the hall closets? Haha. The front one is FILLED with crap that I want to get rid of but have not had the energy to deal with posting on Craigslist to sell or Freecycle to just make it go. So back into the closet it went. The front closet is quite bothersome. Then I opened the back hall closet and realized it's in about the same shape. Argh!
  • Our closet - It' s becoming as filled with crap as before. Argh! Again!
  • The kids' room - Oy. That's a project for them this weekend. They do ok cleaning it and it's really not that bad. I wish the rest of the house were as easy to clean. Everything has a place in their room. Makes me jealous. That's my goal with the rest of the house.
  • Living room - bookshelves, books, there is still the giant pile of books next to the couch that needs to GO, etc.
Ok, I realize I should be cleaning instead of blogging, ha!

Hatred of the clutter! It doesn't matter if I can't see it, it's still there and I know it. Just as bothersome.

I will be doing some cleaning shortly, then try to go swim for a bit.

Things left to obtain:
  • Birthing Ball - Need this! My bestest buddy during labor.
  • Fish Scale - Wish I knew someone who fished often and had one I could just borrow

I know there's more, but mostly I have everything or it's being shipped to me today.


Jinya said...

Sounds like it's time for a cleaning party at Rachel's house!

Amanda said...

Do you want to use the ball that I have?