Tuesday, June 3, 2008


So, I'm waiting on my best friend to pick me up. We're going to hang out, as we usually do at least once a week.

She's been having some major scary medical stuff, and is now scheduled for surgery June 11th. I am SO glad they moved it up.
She is having an oophorectomy, where they take out an ovary (they are planning on just removing the right one right now). She has a huge scary cyst on her right, HUGE, SCARY. And a smaller one on her left. It's been a matter of getting the surgery scheduled without insurance, etc, for her, with her doctors telling her that it's very urgent that she has this surgery done as soon as possible because the cyst could burst and kill her... Thanks for being so helpful! But they won't help unless you give them craploads of money! Argh. Stupid insurance crap in this country really upsets me.

Anyway, she went to another doc last week, and they did bloodwork to look for elevated CA 125, and that came back positive, which she just found out yesterday. What this actually means, she doesn't know, but at least they moved the surgery up. It's not necessarily a sign for ovarian cancer, it could mean a number of things including endometriosis, etc, but the not knowing is still scary in the meantime.

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