Friday, June 13, 2008

An Early Father's Day Post

I am married to the most wonderful person, and I am so happy to be having a baby with him. Our 3 year wedding anniversary is coming up and we've been together for well over 5 years now. I can't believe how happy I still am every day.

He's been a fantastic, wonderful parent to my kids for the last several years, so already a reason to celebrate him as a father, but this year is special and different, since we are only a short way away from the birth of our first child together. I am so happy that he will get to experience the birth of his daughter, and feel what it's like to have all of those firsts in her life that he didn't get to see in my boys' lives.

I didn't want any more children for a long time, something he knew came with the territory of our relationship and marriage. When I worked through all of my feelings on it and realized I did want another child, and that I did want another child with him, he was more than happy about it. A little freaked when within a month later we had an oops that was handed to him on a peed on stick, but still happy even through his stark terror.

He has been a wonderful, loving, caring partner to me.

We have had our moments, of course, and no relationship is perfect all of the time, but I can say that I know that we can work through anything. I want to be with him to grow old together, I am so glad he is my husband.

And I am so happy to be able to tell him not just Happy Father's Day, but to be able to tell him that in a different way this year, as we prepare ourselves and our family for a new baby, one that we have created together.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Father's day to your DH :)

Thank you for the book sugestion. I have not read anything sci-fi-ish in a long time, it would be a nice change of pace :)