Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fantastic! An Update.

So, my friend had her surgery today. Her boyfriend just called to update me. All went well. Doctor is sure it's not cancer of any sort, just endometriosis-y stuff.

She's awake from anesthesia, though probably wishing she weren't per her boyfriend, very groggy still.

So, glad all is well. She should be out of the hospital Friday barring anything unforeseen, and will be staying at her parents' till she's more mobile. (Her only bathroom at her own house is upstairs, so she needs to be able to get up and down stairs before going home!) She was a little apprehensive about staying at her mom's cause her mom is VERY excited to be able to take care of her after surgery, heh. She and her mom are super close and her mom is great, but she's worried that it will be too much attention after a couple of days :)

But anyway, all is well, so that's great!

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jessica @pianomomsicle said...

Oh good! i'm really glad to hear it! It sucks when your friends are hurting.