Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh, thank heavens, they got there just in time.

Woman gives birth in SUV story

Whatever would have happened to that mother and child if the paramedics would not have arrived?! I hate news stories like this. This particular blog is also not very fond of them, which is why I read it. They cover everything that is considered an "emergency" childbirth.

On to my rant.

I don't understand why the paramedics would need to "assist".
If the baby was half way out don't you think the mother could have managed on her own at that point? What, exactly, did the paramedics do when got there to "assist"? Was the mother suddenly unable to push on her own? Did they have to come in to hover around cause that's the only way anyone ever seems to give birth on television or in a standard hospital birth, with a million people standing around telling her to stop trusting her own body and listen to them? It's like asking the audience at the Price is Right. They'll confuse you and make you doubt yourself.

I mean, I really hope that the paramedics would know enough and respect childbirth enough to stand back, tell her she is doing fine, and encourage her to keep doing such a great job. Perhaps help catch the baby if she didn't have someone there with her to do that.
Fortunately I think paramedics often have a better sense of that than your standard doctor or nurse in a hospital setting.

I have read the tales of several planned homebirth or hospital births turnedunassisted birth at home in which they offered to help if they could, then left the family well at home if that was what the family wished. No one panicked or got transferred unless they wanted to be.

Anyway, the way it's framed in new stories annoys me. That is all.

It's 6:39 and I still have not come close to sleep yet.

The end.

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Amanda said...

"It's like asking the audience at the Price is Right. They'll confuse you and make you doubt yourself."

That is the BEST description I've heard yet. That is EXACTLY what it's like!