Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Phew! I'm tired!

After only 4 hours of sleep and several hours of running, I am TIRED!

But, today is a beautiful day, and the kitty is at the vet being spayed, my veggies are picked up from the co-op, and it is a dear beautiful, fellow Piscean mama friends birthday today, so I got to see her and other friends this morning to celebrate.

I will post more about what was in my all local organic box of goodies later, but for now, just know it all looks gorgeous!

And this weekend, said birthday mama friend's son is having his birthday party at The Last Organic Outpost. I just found out it will be a chicken coop raising party! SWEET! I love chickens! I want to get involved in the caring of the chickens. I can't have my own right now, so maybe I can at least care for the little buggers over there.

More about veggies and chickens and recipes later, I have a lot I want to post on, but I need to head in to my caretaking gig for a little while, at least.


Amanda said...

Chicken coop raising party? Awesome!

Amanda said...

Also, running? Several hours? Why?!

Rachel said...

Hee! Not literally running, but running around doing stuff.

We didn't actually get to do the coop this time, but I want to soon!