Saturday, March 1, 2008

How much Zelda is an Awesome Game

(Title of this post brought to you by Max)

Max has implored me to write a post about the video game Zelda. Starting out in it's original for the original Nintendo system, and moving through to the N64, Gamecube, and now Wii, Zelda is one of the most long lived and popular series out there.

Max is playing through The Ocarina of Time now, which was originally an N64 game. Remember my post from a few weekends ago about the Vita Mix and the game that was bought instead of a Wii? That was a Zelda collection that includes the first 2 games (which Max does not like or understand in all of it's 2d glory) and Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. We have the Windwaker and Twilight Princess at home and have for a while, so Max and Chris have played through those already. The cool thing is that even though Ocarina is technically an older game, it's still tons of fun and doesn't really seem all that dated. Sure the graphics are the best, but they aren't awful, and the Zelda games are always fun.

The only thing about the game is that Max is terrified of the Zombies that scream and paralyze you! (Max, who is reading and making suggestions on this blog post, said that he thought that should be an exclamation point) They are very slow and easy to get away from, but the weird screaming and being stuck in place really freaks Max out. I had to play through the part of the Hyrule Family Tomb earlier for him cause he knew there would be the zombies.

Max would like me to also link to a t-shirt that he would really like: Triforce T-Shirt

Another post later or tomorrow.

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