Sunday, March 2, 2008

Oh! One more thing!

I just want to toot my own horn and say I have finally completely done away with plastic grocery bags! I have enough reusable bags that I have managed to remember on each shopping trip for several days now.

Now, next on my list is to purchase some of those tulle/mesh produce bags I saw on Etsy so that I can do away with those produce plastic bags, too.

So go me! It is a "tiny choice" that I have made, and I am pleased.

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Amanda said...

Go you! I've been really making an effort lately to be less wasteful and reuse more. I've started using the canvas shopping bags (really nice ones for $0.99 at Kroger). It's not much but it's a good start. I'll have to check out the mesh produce bags, sounds like a good alternative to the plastic bags in the produce department. I really want to start recycling. They don't do the bin pickup in my area, and there's not a recycling center close by that I know of. I'll have to figure something out.