Monday, March 31, 2008

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I've decided to do one of those posts where I post a list and link to various posts on other blogs that I have found interesting lately for various reasons.

Stop The Ride has a great post on Meal Planning without a Menu. I completely agree with her. On occasion I may actually plan a new recipe I want to try, but mostly I just keep our basics on hand. Our most common dinner to throw together, as I have mentioned before, it red or green curry.

TreeHugger had a fantastic post on How to Green Your Funeral. This is something I have been concerned with since I did tons of research into modern funeral practices when I was considering a career in mortuary work. I am not a fan of the common US way of funerals. Not only for the environmental impact, but also because of the way it distances us from the natural cycle of life and death.

Straight from the Farm has a recipe posted for Spiced Green Tea and White Chocolate Ice Cream that looks incredible! I plan to procure an ice cream maker for the warm months this year, I have wanted one for years.

That ice cream looks like it would be the perfect follow up to Kalofagas' Thai Green Curry with Scallops and Shrimp. I love scallops, they are my favorite shellfish.

Be Thrifty Like Us has a great post on Saving on Baby Expenses. I have managed to get a TON of baby clothes and furniture and "gear" for free, from friends and others. The only major expense at this point for us will be a crib mattress, since I do want one new. This post deals with the other types of expenses, like diapers and formula, which is where the consistant out of pocket expenses come from. With my previous two, I did cloth diapers and breastfed exclusively, so those weren't anything I had to pay for. But this time, it will have to be formula, and I'm not doing cloth without a washer and dryer because I know my limitations. So having this information is invaluable!

Tiny Choices had a recent post on Community Supported Agriculture, which is an important subject to me, and I hope to you, too.

How to Kill A Chocolate Bunny
from Accidental Hedonist just amuses me!

TreeHugger has a post on a builder in Huntsville, TX who is Building Affordable Homes Out of Discarded Materials.

That's all I have time for right now, folks. Enjoy!

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