Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Success (ish)

So, the husband (mainly, though I did help a little) put together the new bed for the kids from IKEA. But as we started the project of building the bed, we realized that it was not the bunk bed we thought we had bought. It was, instead, the loft bed of a very similar name. We didn't notice the picture being different, especially as the bed rang up for the correct price we expected to pay and was located in the aisle and lot that was indicated upstairs.

So, the kids have a loft bed instead of a bunk, cause we were NOT willing to pack it all back up and return it to IKEA tomorrow, since this project was started about 15 minutes before IKEA closed for today. We figure we can just get a twin box spring and frame for the bottom bed, and call it done.

It all worked out ok, I think. One neat thing is that since it is a loft, when they aren't sharing a room any more then there can always be a seating area or desk underneath later on.

I still have tons to do in the kids' room. We need more storage for their space. We bought a few containers at IKEA this weekend, but we definitely need more. I like each separate thing to have it's own space and there are SO many pieces to everything they have. Legos, K'nex, marble runs, Hotwheels, Playmobil, Pokemon figures. Much of that has it's own container, but it ends up stacked in the closets. So, I also need to get more shelving to put the containers on. Ugh. A lot to think about and do, but I really want to get this project done! I want to take care of their space and make it what we've wanted for a year now before I have to start worrying about the impending new baby.

Also, Miles, my 6 year old, when I asked him about the impending baby (he hasn't talked much about his feelings on having a new sibling in a mixed family, unlike his older brother) he said his main concern is that the baby will die from choking on Legos or some other toy that they have. I assured him that the baby would not be able to get into his toys as long as they were kept in his room and put away when he was done playing when them outside of his room, but also I want to make sure that he really feels like he has control over his environment so he can feel comfortable (of course, there will be their very own baby gate to keep the baby out, etc, but I still want him to feel good about his space).

And then there is the painting the walls in there. Even just to get regular touch up paint from the office for now, since there are so many scuff marks on the wall where the bed has been until now.
We're wanting to do an ocean theme, with cool murals and such. We're really lucky that where we live is so great about anything we want to do in here. That makes apartment living much nicer.

Ok, so I am stalling. I have more time tonight to get a lot more done in the kids' room. Off I go.

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