Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby stuff

So I went to see an new ob/gyn yesterday and I really liked her. She is at Memorial SW where my other gyn is, the one who stopped doing ob work last year. The new doc said she has been sent several of my other gyn's ob patients and knows her, so that's a good sign, too.

I still have mixed feelings about a hospital birth, but my new doc seems to be really receptive to the way I feel about my birthing experience and said that the nurses there are also very good and let you labor in whatever way you like, walking around, they have rocking chairs, etc. They have wireless monitoring, so that makes it easy.

One thing my ob is firm on is having an iv in just in case they need to put something in quickly, which I understand completely. As long as they don't force something on me like in my first AWFUL experience, the one that has really made me wary of hospitals in general.

Also, I will be going for one of those "4d" ultrasounds in a couple of weeks. That is so weird to think that we'll be actually SEEING the baby.

The kids are having a really hard time with the idea of the new baby on the way... That's a post for another time, one I don't have energy for right now. I just hope we'll be able to work through this.

Since I cannot travel to the Pac NW this summer, as is our regular summer vacation, some of my friends and I are renting cottages in Rockport, TX and will be spending a few days on the beach with the kids, sans spouses or partners. I cannot wait. I will be 8.5 months pregnant, but I'm sure it will be awesome.

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pianomomsicle said...

i'd like to hear about the awful experience you had giving birth. Not that i WANT to hear it, it's just that now i'm so interested! If you ever have a chance, please post it!