Friday, February 1, 2008


I am finally able to say that I am on the mend! After over a week of illness kicking my ass, I made it through a whole day without ultimately ending up in the fetal position on the couch, praying for the sweet release of death.
Of course, the oldest kid now has tonsils the size of golf balls that are painful to the touch. If it's not one thing...
I'll see how he's doing tomorrow and see if an urgent care visit is in order. As long as it's not strep, and whatever it is I don't get, we'll be ok.

Anyway, so on the menu for tomorrow: Carnitas!!

I have been wanting deliciously crispy carnitas for a long time now, and I have not been anywhere that serves it in a long time. I have never made this myself, but I found a recipe that looks delicious and I decided I must try it!

The recipe I am using can be found on Simply Recipes here.
I know the younger child will not touch it, but guess what! He can eat mac & cheese or something while the rest of us enjoy our delicious MEAT!

On the subject of MEAT!:

I enjoy meat on occasion, but I have concerns about where it comes from, what's in it, how the animals were treated, etc. Here at Cthez Cthulhu we stick with a mostly veggie diet. And also, for less than $1 a pound you can't beat tofu or dried lentils and beans! And I love me some tofu Thai red curry or red lentil dal for some of the easiest and quickest throw together meals out there.

I have been looking forward to obtaining a copy of Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma for a while now.
I have a lot of thoughts about food and why I choose to eat the way that I do, but while I know I am quite a bit more conscientious about my food than the average American consumer, there is still a lot more that I could stand to learn.
The book I mentioned above seems like one of the good resources out there to look at and think on. It is difficult at times to find a middle ground point of view that covers all sides of the issues of food, rather than the polarizing Meat is Murder vs. Meat & Potatoes at Every Meal attitudes.
This is definitely changing, thanks to the internet and bloggers at the forefront, but it's still a hard subject to find information for all sides on.

Oh, also, for lunch, I treated myself to the most yummy Beef Gai Lan I have ever had. And guess what! There was No MEAT!! That place is the end all of vegetarian restaurants, in my not so humble opinion.
See, now it's getting really late, and the baby has commanded me to finish my leftovers from lunch. Oh well, when the baby demands it there's really no way out of it.

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** Jinya said...

I have just now discovered your blogger account, you sneaky sneaky girl.

But The Omnivore's Dilemma is an awesome book. I just finished reading it this last month, then read one of his other books A Place of My Own and am currently way down on the library wait list for In Defense of Food. Anyways, Omnivore's Dilemma is DEFINITELY worth a read.