Friday, February 22, 2008


I love food. I love fresh, simple, whole foods. Right now I am cooking a lentil soup that I was inspired to make after reading the "No Croutons Required" recipe fest over at Lisa's Vegetarian Kitchen blog.

In my opinion, food should be made with whole ingredients, and the more simple, the better. One of our household staples is green or red curry, made with either tofu or chicken breast. It is fast, simple, and so yummy.

I have also fallen in love with my new blender I am looking forward to a trip to Costco tomorrow to restock my veggies and fruit.
I have been eating a lot of fresh veggies and fruit, mostly raw. It is so satisfying and simple to just throw together a salad of a romaine heart with whatever other veggies I have around and some rice vinegar.

I saw a short piece from Michael Pollan speaking the other day, and he is so right about food needing to be real. I am also so happy to see the food politics in the blogs that I read to be taking such a large portion of what many folks are finding important.

Food is just so much better when it is fresh and whole. I feel better physically and mentally, I enjoy feeding healthy food I feel good about to my family.

Of course, this is certainly not to say we've made it past the fishsticks, frozen fries, and mac & cheese days altogether, or that sometimes Stovetop Stuffing isn't just about the best darn thing.

It's just to say that for the most part, I want to cook and eat things that make me feel good all around.

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pianomomsicle said...

Hi! i found your blog through a comment you left on home ec 101, and your blog is super cute! i agree on how eating fresh foods makes you feel so much better about yourself. The problem is, fresh foods don't last long at my house and we usually end up throwing away a shocking amount of produce. Anyway, glad to have found you!