Monday, July 7, 2008

Lazy Summer Days

The boys have been remarkably good about the fact that we're not doing much of anything every day. We're going to go down to the pool later, but that's about it.

I made a chiro appointment for Thursday. Here's hoping this baby girl will turn and all will be well. Keep those turn baby turn thoughts coming my way. I know she can turn as late as me going into labor and all, so I can wait till then. But I also have to think of the very real possibility that she may not turn. Which I will just assume means that there is a very good reason (placenta issue, short cord, etc) and she knows just what she needs to be doing.
If that's the case then I will march myself into the hospital and get a necessary c-section with the best of them. I just really hope to avoid it.

Oh! Another thing I am excited about is the Essure procedure. I am going to start looking into OBs that do this procedure AS SOON AS this baby is out. We KNOW this is our last baby, and Essure seems almost magical for it's effectiveness and much lower side effects than a tubal or even a vasectomy.

I also made an appointment with WIC, which we should qualify for. I have NO issue with getting that type of assistance when it's needed. I don't understand the mentality of refusing assistance.
You know what? I have been working pretty steadily for the last 15 years of my life, paying into these government funds the entire time. That's why they're there, yk?

Anyway, WIC will help with some staples, and any help with the price of everything having gone up so much.

I'm also planning to give the coupon thing another go. I know I can do it, I'm just so darned disorganized sometimes and get overwhelmed. Which is funny, cause I'm awesome at helping other people organize their stuff. :p

I'm also going to start planning my DONA PP doula training for the fall. I'm looking forward to it.


jessica @pianomomsicle said...

Wow, you hardly sound lazy!

WIC is a great option. i've been trying to get my hubs to let us sign up for it, but he's...i don't know. He just won't. It makes no sense.

Anyway, good for you! And you'll make a GREAT doula!

i'm crossing my fingers your little one will come in a timely and stress-free fashion!

Amanda said...

Oh my goshness! That's so awesome that you're doing the doula thing! Good for you! I know you will be awesome at it ;)

I've read about Essure. The idea of having this permanent piece of metal in me kinda freaks me out... but then I guess it's no different than an IUD as far as the whole having foreign objects in your body thing goes. I think what worries me about it is that it's so new, ya know? They haven't really had a chance to see long term effects. But it does seem like a lower risk option than ligation. It's very cool that insurance will pay for it. I'm really considering it, but I'm not really at a point where I'm absolutely positive that I don't want anymore kids. I certainly may want another (it would be awesome to have a little girl!) in the future so I should really just go with an IUD for now.

Anyhow! Enough babble! Love you bunches **hug**

Rachel said...

Thanks about the doula thing! I don't think I would want to be a birth doula, but I would be awesome as a PP doula :)

That's my plan, and I think I will really enjoy it!

Mander, I KNOW you would regret a permanent bc if you did it now! Get an IUD and try it out. I hope it will work ok for you and that will give you a lot of time to see how things work out. *Hugs!*

Not Hannah said...

I say "Good for you!" with WIC. I'm all about making sure the bebes get the good stuff, kwim? We went on food stamps (before WIC) when I was a child because my dad was in the VA hospital and my mom was a substitute teacher. She was working HARD and trying to raise four kids by herself around the holidays, so I don't blame her at all.

Share the wealth, share the health. (Or something suitably touchy-feely! ;P)