Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Huge Favor From Local Friends

Ok. Moving sucks. Helping friends move sucks donkey balls. BUT!!!! If several people would be willing to show up here on March 1st, which is a Sunday, at say, 1 pm, and help us get moved to our new place, then it would go quickly, and relatively painlessly.
And we will buy pizza and beer and celebrate our new move afterwards in the new place.
We'll rent a U-Haul to load up, and should only have to make one trip. If we have a lot of people to help out, ime, this entire move shouldn't take more than 2 hours total.
We're currently at I-10 & Chimney Rock (close to IKEA) and we're moving to Bellaire & Cook Rd (Chinatown, a mile from Hong Kong City Mall, outside the beltway a couple of miles, right past Kirkwood)

The pros, to entice you! (ha!)
We're not moving our couch or chair from the living room, so that's 2 huge pieces of furniture not to have to move.
We're not moving our ginormous entertainment center, either.
Heavy pieces of furniture will be at a minimum. There's some bulky stuff, but there's not a lot of super heavy stuff.
We have pared down our books extensively.
I am purging at least half of what we own before we move, so there won't be miles of crap.

The Cons, just to be honest:
The new apartment is upstairs. :/
Did I mention it's upstairs?

Sooooo... If you can help us out, I would be VERY VERY grateful. I really hate to ask, as I know helping people move really does suck.

Please let me know if you can help us out.


Amanda said...

I'll help! Are you guys getting rid of the entertainment center and couch?! Or are you just not moving it that day...

Nan, C. said...

Kick me again closer to the date, but we'll definitely come try to help out.