Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Neat Internet & Blog Finds

Here are just a few things that have caught my eye recently. I love the internet, I really do.

Things that make me go "squee!":

I really really want a Wonderwash and Spin Dryer. They make so much sense!
I would LOVE to have both of these items. I would find it MUCH easier to ease up on my paper towel usage and go almost exclusively to towels and rags. Maybe I can get some cloth diapers and just add to my collection as it goes. I can have a goal of exclusive cloth by 6 months IF I can get these! They would for both come out to under $200 total, even with shipping, I'm sure.
I found these via a post on one of my favorite blogs, Treehugging Family. Peggy and Jennifer are always posting great ideas and discussions and cool things.

I am finally going to bust out the ice cream maker next week for the weekend. And the first thing I am making is this divine strawberry frozen yogurt from Simply Recipes. I can't wait to try it! And in the 2nd bowl I'm going to make coconut milk ice cream. Mmm....

I adore these robot animals by Ann P. Smith, via They are SO NEAT.

I want a house like this: Beauvoir Residence by Bruce Bolander Architect, via materialicious. I would love to do something like this using shipping containers.
I also really love strawbale and cob houses, too. I am not sure if I could do that type of material here in the swamp, though.
Something else I need to look into is how to work some sort of cooling system into a green home. Passive just doesn't seem like it would work here. It doesn't cool down at night, and the humidity stays in the high 90%s from this point of the year through September, at least. Which is another reason I am not sure if strawbale or cob could work here. Mold is a big concern.
And whichever house I end up building, I have wanted concrete counters and floors for forever! And look at these floors! They are magnificent!
If I could do a strawbale, I adore this house: Drew Residence, One World Design Architecture, via RiverWired. The RiverWired article is also from the same Jennifer at TreeHuggingFamily. She's a pro blogger and writes for several of my favorite blogs.

I really really want a set of these to frame for the baby's room: Nerdy Baby ABC Flashcards!!!

The internet abounds with cool stuff!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for all the link love - also I LOVE those nerdy cards; too cool. (I have a math degree). I'll have to show them at my pregnancy and baby blog; with a link back to you of course. Great find.